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TED Talks - 5 Great Talks About Relationships

You'll agree if we say that all good ideas worth spreading. It's a motto of annual TED conferences. TED is a private non-profit organization that is primarily famous for these events. TED stands for technology, entertainment, and design. The organization invites different people, sometimes celebrities, politicians, and simply eminent personalities who speak about specific topics, not for a long time. The conferences had been held since 1984. People talk on different subjects from design, politics, culture to global problems.
There are many talks devoted to the relationships and various problems that occur in them. Finding the good one among the multiple lectures is time-consuming, so we've done it for you. Here are the five best talks about interpersonal relationships that will benefit all people, both those who have relationships and those who are single. By the way, being alone for a long time can hardly be called a positive experience. Avoid loneliness with Wizzlove.com. Find single people from other countries and, perhaps, one of them will become your second half.

Falling in love is an easy part

It's a speech by Mandy Len Catron, who is a popular writer. In this speech, she provides an example of a study that proves that falling in love is easy. Scientists developed a set of questions and let unfamiliar people answer them sitting in front of each other. Speaker explains that questions help to make contact, find common ground, and build trust that are the foundations for love.

What You Don't Know About Marriage

Here, Jenna McCarthy highlights the concept of marriage, helping the audience to gain valuable insight into some things that seemed to be non-essential. She manages to give the necessary information and does it funnily at the same time. Watch it to get advice on how to have a healthy marriage.

3 Ways to Build a Happy Marriage and Avoid Divorce

More and more couples break up, don't even try to save their love. George Blair-West, who is a psychiatrist and knows the problems of married couples firsthand. In this speech, he shares valuable tips on how to make the marriage happier and create healthy relationships. Moreover, he tells how to notice and prevent future challenges while you're dating

The Power of Vulnerability

The speaker is Brene Brown, who researches this issue and works at the University of Houston. He explains that love wholeheartedly isn't a disadvantage. It's the wrong way round because having such an ability can change the world around you, can change the style of how you love, live, and work. This talk is a summary of her years-long work submitted in the funny form that's easy to understand.

How to Fix a Broken Heart

If you've never got through the painful breakup, you're the lucky ones. Only the strongest personalities can do it without significant losses. Guy Winch is a psychologist. In this speech, he tells how stopping idealizing a person's traits help to stop loving. His main idea is that emotional and mental health it's equally important to a physical one; that's why the sooner you get away from the breakup, the better.