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TED Speakers Who Changed Their Mind about Medicinal Cannabis

Over the years, the spotlight has turned on cannabis for health and wellness purposes. It is not surprising that many people are changing their minds about it. There are many top and respected personals that have changed mind about medicinal cannabis. This is expected, as CBD is a genuinely potent compound. This article will help you know about some top TED speakers who changed their minds about cannabis.

1. Blair Brown

Blair gave a speech titled the Cannabis Mirror. The talk explored everything anyone might want to know about the history of cannabis. Her history dates back to the Chinese that practiced this as far back as the 2600 BCE.
Her account covers the various benefits of CBD and hemp. As seen in https://elixinol.reviews/, CBD has been used for curing a lot of illnesses and disorders. This is a guide, worth checking out if you want to know about the history of CBD.

2. David Casarett

David is a doctor that takes care of people with various chronic illnesses. David gave a speech on how medical marijuana can make a physician’s life easy.
David advocates the importance of medical CBD and what it can do for users. He talked about many of his patients that have found relief after using CBD. These are people that already gave up on their health, according to David.

3. Dr. Alan Shackelford

Throughout Dr. Alan’s career as a Doctor, he has treated thousands of patients. His interest in CBD sprung up after meeting young Charlotte with Davet Syndrome. This girl’s recovery exposed Dr. Alan to the potentials of CBD.
While Alan made his stance clear that CBD is not a magic cure, he admits that CBD provides relief for many of his patients. These are patients that didn't respond to regular treatments. This is not surprising as reports from users at lazarus naturals review tell of the potency of CBD.

4. Viki Vaurora

While Indians have used CBD for long, many people forgot about it when the government banned it in 1985.
Viki, however, rose as an advocacy for the legalization of cannabis and its product. Viki gave a speech on her experience with a hopeless cancer patient. Before this, she had severe complications as she vomited many times a day and battled with loss of appetite. Miraculously, this patient was declared cancer-free three months after starting CBD medications. People without appetite can take CBD gummies and record improvement as reported by users in just CBD gummies reviews.

5. Zachary Walsh

Walsh is a psychologist that specializes in drugs and human behavior. He gave a speech on how people can have a good relationship with cannabis.
Walsh has been studying cannabis for years. He shares his experience and explains the effect of medical CBD on people, especially mental health. People can take CBD in many forms ranging from edibles to candies like hempworx fruit gummies, oil, etc.


In the past, cannabis was associated with "evil." As a result, there were many rules against the use. Thanks to research, many people have now changed their minds about cannabis due to the effectiveness and positive effect on human health.